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If you want to be published, submit a polished product. You know you’ve got a great story idea, but how do you make it so great that it rises from slush pile to publication? Author and Writing Coach Annalisa Parent has helped hundreds of writers to improve their craft and to become published authors. She … [Read more…]

Online Writing Inspiration Session

  “How will it work?” My work as a writing coach is about deep listening. I hear your struggles and understand.  Not only that, I am able to turn that deep listening into actionable steps to transform nebulous inklings into non-stop ink flow– all in an environment where you feel cared for, safe, and have … [Read more…]

Are you ready for your writing to soar?

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Thank you for your emails and comments yesterday. It was so great to hear from you. I understand that the writing struggle is real, that some of you are really feeling the weight of wanting your creativity to come out and soar. We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about finding a place where you … [Read more…]

2016 Writing Survey

Create your own user feedback survey Thanks for taking my survey. I appreciate your support and I love writing with you. As a special bonus, here’s a preview to unreleased inspiration session for an upcoming video.