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Thanks for taking my survey. I appreciate your support and I love writing with you. As a special bonus, here’s a preview to unreleased inspiration session for an upcoming video.


  1. Jim

    I’d like to find suggestions for fitting writing into my schedule. Somehow writing at night at the end of a busy day doesn’t seem realistic and summers seem too infrequent and way too short!! Besides the fact that I am trying to cut back on caffeine…!

    • annalisa

      Jim, SUCH a great question. I hear what you are saying about writing at night. I am not a morning person at all, but I’ve made writing the first thing I do every day. That way I’ve met my most important priority first. That’s just me, though. One of the topics we’ll be discussing at length at the beginning of 2016 is getting into a sustainable writing habit. I hope you’ll join us. :)

  2. annalisa

    Thank you so much, Mary. That is helpful feedback indeed. I think some of my upcoming offerings may be very interesting to you!

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