1. Reem Bou-Nacklie

    I remember the first day of high school, I was nervous not only about making new friends but also about meeting the teachers. I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with all the classes I was taking. I already had a background in French, however, after I took my first step into Ms. Parent’s classroom, I was in for a whole new learning experience. I soon learned that French was a much harder language to learn than I previously thought. However, Ms. Parent was there to help me and the rest of the students throughout the whole year. Regardless of the fact that that is actually her job, Ms. Parent took the time to thoroughly answer our questions and explain new concepts and material that made absolutely no sense to us. Her patience and kindness showed in her work as a teacher. Though we always complained about the homework and the tests, she would help us get through it because she knew that she was going to teach us as much as she could not only about the French language, but about the culture as well. Her curriculum inspired me as a student, and I continued to take French with her for the next two years, and as a senior in high school, I still find myself wanting to learn more and more about it. For three years, Ms. Parent was there to help the needs of my peers and I, making her one of the best teachers I have ever had.

  2. Matt Sadler

    Having personally known Ms. Parent for over three years, I’ve found her to be one of my most valued resources when it comes to the French language. Although I tried my hardest to gain some level of proficiency in her class, I sometimes lacked the tools necessary to grasp the certain concepts needed to really excel at French. Bearing this in mind, Ms. Parent structured her course curriculum around my needs and the needs of my peers, making her a truly gifted and unique teacher.

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