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Annalisa Parent 05/11/2016

You know you’ve got a great story idea, but how do you make it so great that it rises from slush pile to publication?

Author and Writing Coach Annalisa Parent has helped hundreds of writers to improve their craft and to become published authors. She knows the inside tricks to get your writing publication-ready.

In her talk From Mire to Page-Turning Momentum: Three Plotting Mistakes that Keep Writers in the Slush Pile, Annalisa will walk you through a straightforward system for plotting your fiction to ensure you write a book that makes readers say “I couldn’t put it down.”

She will cover important topics such as:

  • How and when should you use backstory?
  • Where is the best point in the narrative to start?
  • What is the most effective build to the climax?

You’ll walk away with a bucket load of information and resources to keep and put into action, so you can cross “Become an Author” off your bucket list.

Not only that, for the participants of the Writer’s Digest Annual Convention,

Annalisa will read the most crucial part of your manuscript and give you immediately implementable actions for the project you’re working on now.

Sessions are limited, so sign up today

Here is what writers like you are saying about working with Annalisa:

540131_10151396526199436_559536262_nAnnalisa has a great knack for getting the best out of you and getting you to write better and faster than you thought possible. Working with Annalisa puts you in a mindset where you can really get some writing done. She made it easy and enjoyable to produce a prodigious amount of writing, quickly and easily.

-Robert Bradford, Author of the Best-Seller Simplified Strategic Planning: a No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People who Want Results Fast




Annalisa is a wonderful guide and teacher. Her extensive knowledge of the written word and her grace in providing incredibly detailed feedback are impressive and inspiring.

She has a real insight into your voice as a writer and is such an asset when you’re in the midst of the forest and can’t quite see your way out with the project. I can’t wait to take another workshop with her.

-Daintry Jensen, Author The Hidden Forest


1040217_10154464564181982_2395642010478217262_oAnnalisa is really gifted. I highly recommend signing up for a writing workshop or one-on-one session. Annalisa’s guidance helped support me to find the writer within.

-Nicole Birkholzer, Author Pet Logic
Working with Annalisa has helped me to understand not only writing concepts, but how to apply them


Annalisa was quickly able to evaluate my writing, 12034433_10100566299657874_2587732980367897082_ounderstand my message and craft ways to connect with my reader better.

-Ying Han Cheng, CEO Transform Passion to Action


Remember, pacing in the first few pages is paramount–these are the pages agents and publishers want to see and on which your work will be judged.

Be sure to sign up for a complementary reading session any time throughout the weekend to:

  • Master plotting techniques in your beginning pages to get your foot through the door.
  • Use those story strategies to write a page-turning story and enhance your chances of becoming a published author.





AND  Don’t miss From Mire to Page-Turning Momentum: Three Plotting Mistakes that Keep Writers in the Slush Pile, Saturday 4:15 PM.

Stop feeling frustrated about the rejection letters and celebrate the victory of signing on the dotted line of your publishing contract!

Annalisa Parent 05/11/2016

Annalisa Parent
Date With The Muse
It’s time for your creative self.


P.S. To get the most out of Annalisa’s talk, From Mire to Page-Turning Momentum: Three Plotting Mistakes that Keep Writers in the Slush Pile, don’t forget to sign up for a critique session to get targeted feedback on your current project. Sessions available all weekend. 

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