1. THANK YOU for mentioning that writing is indeed an art! As a longtime copywriter, this has been a pet peeve of mine for decades – namely that just about everyone with a pulse who can hold a pen thinks they’re a writer.

    I’ve recently self-published a children’s book and a longish short story, and joined an FB group where self-published authors help each other out with Amazon reviews. Many of the books I looked at were not just of abysmal quality but also filled to the brim with typos and grammatical errors… which drives me nuts, specifically in children’s books, which in my opinion should teach kids to read proper English.

    I love that NaNoWriMo, Amazon, and other venues have opened up writing and publishing to the public, but at the same time there’s no “gatekeeper” anymore who stops people with no talent and no training from getting published.

    You can still find absolute gems among self-published books, but those gems are at risk of being drowned out by the deluge of horrible drivel out there.

I'm interested: What are your thoughts?