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What’s new this week at the writing salon?
Dear Friends,

First off, I want to say thanks for reaching out in a difficult time.  Losing my cousin was a low moment, and it was so wonderful to receive your well wishes and words of support.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that this week we are moving on with writing salon. We’ll meet at 266 Main Street at 7 PM on Friday.  The 2 for 1 September special is still on, so this is a great chance to bring a friend who’s always wanted to try writing salon. As always, delicious chocolates and warm beverages will be served.

You’ll see two new faces this week, though.  Tasha and Melissa are interns who have joined my writing studio for the semester.  Their help has been invaluable as I’ve been able to commit more time to working one-on-one with writers on their individual writing projects, and getting them closer to publication.  

Here they are, digitally. Come on by for a salon and meet them in person.

Soon to be graduate of Champlain College’s Professional Writing program, Tasha studies editing and writing for traditional media along with novel mediums such as video games and interactive stories. She learned to read from The Hobbit and has been writing fictional stories ever since she was told to write nonfictional essays in school.

Although her interests in writing commonly steer towards the creative side, she has worked since 2013 as a subcontractor for a freelance writer and editor working on scientific and medical journals. This work often involves transitioning between two or more style guides and copy editing work she only vaguely recognizes as being in English. To further confound the dream of being a solely creative writer, she is about to complete a minor in mathematics and will one day be teaching the subject to many hopefully excited students. Or she might be teaching writing, or history, or… we’ll see.

Tasha hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but spends most of her time in the Burlington area.  

Hailing from Georgetown, Massachusetts, Melissa gained an affinity for story-telling at a very young age. (It’s because her dad did the voices.) This would later translate into her passion for reading and the writing skills she continues to develop as student of the Professional Writing major at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. When you can wrestle the pen out of her fingers she enjoys crocheting, pottery, hiking, and late-night violin practice.

Recently she has returned from a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland where she wrote a review for the Creative Dublin project: a student-made eBook to help fellow young adults—college students across the globe and anyone new to the city—find Dublin’s hidden gems.

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