1. I have multiple notebooks actually for different things, but I find that my carry around notebook has to be a certain ‘fit’ if it’s too small no notes can fit, if it’s too big I don’t carry it.
    I have one that I carry around right now and so many others that are hidden away because they just was not right. I guess it’s all about finding one that you want and will carry around.

    • annalisa

      You raise a very good point, Tiffany. Portability is key! What size do you prefer? Something more like a journalist’s notebook? Or standard sized? (I’m always looking for new ideas!) Thanks for weighing in!

  2. […] In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of keeping a writer’s notebook at all. I’ll call that a success: I’ve kept a faithful writer’s notebook for months.  The problem is– I’ve now filled stacks of them.  I jot down ideas for future projects, notes on writing, thoughts on books I’ve read and chapter outlines for any one of the three novels living in my head at any given time, in no particular order. […]

  3. This article struck a chord with me. I also have ideas for my writing at different places and times in my day. The inspiration, at times, hits me when I’m least ready to initiate my efforts about a new project, or a new idea for an existing project.

    This article listed a simple way to harness this inspiration to add to my writing skills and volume.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for reading, and for your feedback.

      It’s true that getting in the discipline of having it with me is hard, but the last week I’ve carried it around. It’s great to have (finally!) all of my thoughts and ideas in one place rather than on itty bitty pieces of paper floating around on my desk.

  4. Ha ha ha, Karen, I thought of your reply today as I was standing in line at the bookstore, writing away in my writer’s notebook. (Hey at least I had it with me!). So inconvenient, but, hey, who am I to refuse the muse if she wants to wait in line with me, right?

  5. Inspiration has the nasty habit of striking when you least expect it, true. My little black book (moleskine) is always with me, so is my Galaxy Nexus. If there is no opportunity to write, I just dictate (Android assistant). This is quite useful.
    My goal is to slowly complete my first novel. The process could be faster, sure. Some other projects are just more important right now: Two short stories per month on one of my blogs, and hopefully one flash fiction (150 words) on Fridays…

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