Grammar Pet Peeves

Never leave “this” standing alone. This is why.  This could lead to confusion.  This is really common. What the hell is “this?” Use “this” as an adjective.  It should modify something.  This method is a much clearer way of writing.  This type of communication expresses its ideas more effectively. This idea should now be evident … [Read more…]

We Writers are Not Alone: A talk by Terry Tempest Williams

Now, Williams wasn’t up there reading a list. She sprinkled her wisdom amongst well-crafted anecdotes that made me laugh and made tears roll down my cheeks. She is, after all, a gifted story teller. But as I sat among hundreds of fellow writers, we who agonize in immeasurable time for the one perfect word to … [Read more…]

How to organize your writing life…

Well, fortunately, no computer also means no internet-based distractions (Read: Facebook) so I am offline and wandering. You know the writer’s projects you put off for a rainy day?  Well, it was one such rainy (stormy and powerless) day.  And so today is the day I finally organized my writer’s notebooks. In a previous post, … [Read more…]