CALENDAR GIRLS short synopsis

What do you do for a living?

 Eye roll.  This is exactly the question that makes twenty-five year-old Amanda Pinkerton crouch behind her martini in shame.  And, while every other cocktail-sipping party-goer seems satisfied by her situation, Amanda, a law-school dropout, is reduced to excuse making and squirming every time Lexa—her  “I was a partner in an international law firm before 30” sister-in-law—taunts her with the question.

 And so it goes. Until Billie–Amanda’s college acquaintance and ever the party girl– comes back to their alma mater to student teach, in her own attempt to find the perfect job and the perfect life.  After all, shouldn’t a modern woman have her life together by her mid-twenties? That’s what everyone–especially their families– keeps saying, anyway.

 Hesitant about breaking the “never live with your friends” rule, the two become tentative roommates, then fast friends.  As they unwittingly chronicle, in a calendar Amanda received from her less-than-glamorous job, their frustration with finding the right career (Hydroponic Farming?), the right relationship (Hairy Bob wears tighty whities?), and breaking away from their respective families (This month’s list: All the “You did WHAT?!” moments brought to you by parents.  Thank you, parents.) Amanda and Billie become sisters in a way that Amanda and Lexa never will be.

 But even sisters have their tiffs in this “Bridget Jones meets The Odd Couple” tale.  When Billie’s party-girl persona, dude, goes, like, overboard and drinks too much, she also reveals Amanda’s deepest thoughts and hidden past.  Amanda, for her part, tries to pretend the past never happened and that JJ– the flighty actor wannabe—could, “ohmigod, totally be my real one.”  This act, which only Billie seems to see, would induce her to eye roll—if that were her thing.


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