“A what?,” I ask, taking the martini from her outstretched hand.

      “You’ve never heard of a frenemy?” Ariane teases, typically wide-eyed and innocent. “Girl, you gotta read more Cosmo.”

      “Yeah, right. I’ll leave that up to you,” I say. As I sip, I put my foot up on a copy of Ladies’ Home Journal on my coffee table, as if to emphasize my point.

        “Ok, so a frenemy is a friend who seems like a friend, but is really an enemy,” she explains. “Fr-. Enemy,” she sounds out for me.

       “Oh,” I say, not knowing how to respond and feeling like we are Junior High with the labels. “So, ok, there’s this study,” she prattles on.  “I don’t remember all the details, but it’s like one in five people, or something, who are certified cr–azy.” She loops her finger to the side of her head in typical Ariane melodrama. “And the thing is, lying and deception are, like, part of all of the disorders.”
      “Hmm,” I say in disbelief taking a long cool sip. “One in five, huh?”

Friend Betrayal Book Novel Frenemy

At 32, Stephanie Slade has achieved it all: a successful career, a doting husband, two best friends, and the quaint suburban house.  Or so she thought.  Life is not always what it seems and when the secrets of the lives of those around her crumble, Stephanie is forced to face the quality of the relationships in her life and to look at the choices that led her to where she is today.

 With Frenemies Like These is a psychological thriller that investigates the lies we tell others, the lies we tell ourselves, and how we disentangle ourselves from the wicked webs we weave.


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