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No. 2 Inc: Mission One

 Kate Taylor is a protagonist assistant working at No.2 Inc. When her employer’s equipment goes missing, it’s Kate’s mission to retrieve it. It reappears at a comic convention where the situation becomes far more complex. Kate reaches out to conference attendees to help her gather information about the location and people involved so she can plan her retrieval. But she also learns she’s not the only one after this equipment, and nothing goes quite according to plan.

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The Murderer is on the Loose! Interactive Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

The murderer is still on the loose and could even be at this party!

Setting: Middlebury College Reunion Class of XX

Mingle with fellow party goers and question them carefully.  By putting together bits of information you all possess you can find out who the murderer is.  But watch out- this murderer is still out for the kill and could get you before you discover his or her true identity!

The Murderer is on The Loose downloadable murder mystery game can be played over and over again with different results every time. This downloadable murder mystery game is endorsed by Middlebury College.  

Middlebury College Games Author Annalisa Parent Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

So go ahead: host your own murder mystery party today.

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